Anti-Money Laundering Compliance Solutions

AML Name Screening, Transaction Monitoring, Customer, Service, Transaction and Product risks and be instantly informed about possible risks (Alert Manager)

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AML Name Screening

Search your customers from our Sanctions and PEP lists instantly, periodically or in multiple ways

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Enterprise API

Make your single / multiple / periodic queries over fast and reliable APIs

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Adverse Media Screening

Follow the Adverse Medias of your risky customers on a global scale

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Batch Query from File

Query thousands of your customers at once by uploading Excel

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Transaction Monitoring

Using our rule engine, you can easily create scenarios and monitor all your transactions on the basis of Risk categories. Automatically run Alerts according to the determined risk levels.

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Transaction Screening

Perform AML list queries and transaction risk calculations at the time of transaction and avoid potential risks.

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Customer Profiling

You can see the Customer Risk level and score information we have created, and track them in detail.

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Cloud & On Premise

You can use all of our Services with Cloud or On-Premise Models.

Easy Search with Console & API Solutions

Easily search for Person, Institution, Airline or Ship.

  • 200+ Countries
  • 2000+ Programs
  • Data Updated Every 10 Minutes
  • Global and Local Sanctions
  • PeP Lists
  • Adverse Media Screening
  • API (Web Service) Integrations
  • Timestamped Detail Report

Transaction Monitoring & Customer Profile

Easily identify, score and track your Transaction and Customer risks, get quick results and protect your brand against risky transactions.

  • Leveling Customer, Service, Product and Transaction Risks
  • Creating potential risk scenarios
  • Customer risk scoring
  • Sanctions search at the time of transaction
  • Alert Managers for risky transactions and customers
  • High TPS (Throughput Per Second)
Why SearchSanctions?
Quick Check

It may be difficult to constantly check in system the presence of your clients in the Sanctions and Terror lists which changes instantly.

Safeguard Yourself

You may be incurred to sanctions as regards your clients who are on national and international sanctions and terrorist lists.

Keep Your Brand Clean

Your brand can be damaged if you ignore the terrorist relations of the people you do business with.

Avoid the Risks

It can be difficult to detect complex situations such as Transaction, Customer, Service, Product and Country Risks.

Prevent Time Waste

In this way, you do not have to deal with these tasks because SearchSanctions does automatic checking.

Feel Safe

You can feel yourself secure in any audit.

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